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Your bags are packed. Passport in hand. You are ready to board a flight to the mountains of South America, the jungles of Chiapas, or the historic capital of some European country – places where the Gospel is needed. As you board the flight you know you will be involved in hands-on, life-to-life, practical ministry and . . . the adventure of a lifetime!

Having a hard time picturing that one? It can be a reality! Click on any one of our links to explore the different options for putting your mission trip dreams in action.

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South Asia – March || Tim

Posted in 2015 South Asia, Trip Blogs on March 30th, 2015

One of the best parts about our first week in SE Asia was staying with a very hospitable, missionary couple. Jim and Brianna are newly weds and expecting their first child. They just moved to their rental house from the US a couple months ago. Jim has …


South Asia – March || Alyssa

Posted in 2015 South Asia, Trip Blogs on March 30th, 2015

Definitely one of the most amazing parts of this trip so far has been the food. (Be jealous, really) The flavors and combinations of culture and tradition are unique, but soo delicious. And our amazing hostess, Brianna, made us Banana bread not only on …

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Language Team – March 7 || Ashley

Posted in 2015 Language Team, Trip Blogs on March 13th, 2015

Hey ya’ll! Thought you might want to hear about our weekend! Saturday morning we left at o’dark thirty to go to a rio(Spanish for river). Once we got there it was quite an adventure! Before I go on let me tell you that I am usually a very strict person …

Quote-Amy-Cook“Life is about relationships. It starts with our relationship with God, then, overflowing from that, relationships with other people. Amidst the sea of faces surrounding us, the team looked for opportunities to invest on a personal level, and to reach those lonely souls who have spent their whole life waiting for Jesus’ love to be made real to them in a personal, tangible way.”

– Amy from IA, Mexico team leader