Real People, Real Needs, Life-To-Life Ministry!

Your bags are packed. Passport in hand. You are ready to board a flight to the mountains of South America, the jungles of Chiapas, or the historic capital of some European country – places where the Gospel is needed. As you board the flight you know you will be involved in hands-on, life-to-life, practical ministry and . . . the adventure of a lifetime!

Having a hard time picturing that one? It can be a reality! Click on any one of our links to explore the different options for putting your mission trip dreams in action.

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Filthy, Sick, And Still Loved || Philip – July 22

Posted in 2015 Ecuador, Trip Blogs on July 25th, 2015

Today has been a wonderful day for many of us as we have been able to learn how to better love some of God’s beloved children. After the regular morning of working at the church in Otovalo, several team members and I had the privilege to visit an HIV/A …


Why? || Meagan – July 21

Posted in 2015 Ecuador, Trip Blogs on July 25th, 2015

Today part of our team visited an orphanage that houses HIV positive children. The conditions there were heartbreaking. The children were sick, dirty, left unattended, and worst of all, knew nothing about Jesus. Their whole world screams that they are …


All Things For Good || Michaela – July 20

Posted in 2015 Ecuador, Trip Blogs on July 25th, 2015

“All things work together for good?” This is a question I’ve asked myself several times this trip. After last year I was so excited to be able to see the same people and go to the same places. But this year, our second week is in Otavalo a completely n …

chris-sThe people here, though living in a stark contrast to much of western civilization, have all the same problems as anywhere else. We can share with them the same love we enjoy from the same God we know.”

– Christopher from CA, Mexico team leader