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Your bags are packed. Passport in hand. You are ready to board a flight to the mountains of South America, the jungles of Chiapas, or the historic capital of some European country – places where the Gospel is needed. As you board the flight you know you will be involved in hands-on, life-to-life, practical ministry and . . . the adventure of a lifetime!

Having a hard time picturing that one? It can be a reality! Click on any one of our links to explore the different options for putting your mission trip dreams in action.

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Chiapas – August 11 || Nolia

Posted in 2014 Chiapas, Trip Blogs on August 21st, 2014

This morning we left at around 7:30am and traveled for about 1.5 hours. We arrived at some Mayan ruins and climbed up the path to look out over the lake from the top. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and enjoying a couple hours of rest before minist …


Chiapas – August 9-10 || Lydia

Posted in 2014 Chiapas, Trip Blogs on August 21st, 2014

Many tears were shed by the people of Veinte de Noviembre as we said our goodbyes. We can’t know how much of an impact we had in those few short days, but I trust that God was able to use us for His glory in that village. It is amazing how good hot sho …


Chiapas – August 8 || Julianna

Posted in 2014 Chiapas, GE News on August 21st, 2014

This was our second day to go to Justo Sierra and I felt like we were really starting to build relationships with the people there. The men from Viente de Noviembre who had come with us did the majority of the teaching during our children’s programs to …

Quote-Julianna.Ziegler-1“The thing I loved most about the Chiapas trip was that we were able to minister on a very personal level. Not only did we have opportunities to serve and share the gospel, but we got to live among the people and experience life as they know it. We were able to play with their children, attend their church, eat some of their food, attempt conversations in their language, and even when we couldn’t communicate with words, I know Christ’s love was both demonstrated and appreciated. “

– Julianna from MO, Mexico team member